Air Conditioner Misters


AC Mister Quick Facts:

  • Reliable Savings of up to 30%
  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Retrofits to any size and style unit
  • ROI measured in months-not years
  • Automated - Smart Pump control system
  • Patented anti-scaling & corrosion technology

The results are so reliable that we offer the industry's first:









The SMARTMIST™ AC Misting Systems are a unique dual action Evaporative Air / Direct Heat Exchange Pre-Cooling system. It is a proven, easy to install, retrofit ac mister that has been designed and engineered to take full advantage of the pre-cooling power of mist to drastically increase the heat exchange rate of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, but without the concerns of coil corrosion or scale build up.

It uses a low flow / medium pressure mist that is controlled by a series of automated controls integrated into our Smart Pump system. This allows the pre-cooling mist to activate only when needed. When the air conditioner mister is activated, the ultra-fine mist is released into the micro-climate directly in front of the condenser coil. This ?mist zone? creates an instant drop in air temperature of about 30 degrees (even in high humidity conditions), while at the same time dampening the actual coil surface with treated evaporative cooled water.

The combination of both the cooler air and wet coil surface allows for the fastest heat exchange possible. This immediately and substantially lowers the AC unit's head pressure, amp draw and cycle time, resulting in a reliable 20 to 25 percent reduction in energy use and cost, and in some cases a reduction of over 30 percent.

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The System

The SMARTMIST™ AC Misting System consists of 3 main components:

smartmist pumpSmart Pump™ & Control System:

At the heart of our air conditioner mister is our proprietary "Smart Pump" that has the ability to sense the temperature, humidity and condenser operation. This allows the ac mister to only run as needed and deliver the right amount of treated mist and pressure to each condenser allowing for maximum efficiency boost and energy savings. Most of the controls are low voltage, making them safe and easy to install.

Smart Array™ Misting Arms & Nozzles

The Smart Array™ is an array of customized misting arms and nozzles designed to meet your specific HVAC equipment specifications and environmental conditions. They safely attach to the outside of the coil. Once installed, each nozzle is positioned & field calibrated to produce the best mist pattern for optimal performance of the ac mister.

The SMARTMIST™ AC Misting System uses very little water. In many cases it uses less water then the water used to create the extra electricity wasted without the use of the pre-cooling system.

Smart-ScaleStop - TAC Water Treatment System:

To eliminate the concern of scale build up and corrosion, our engineers teamed up with leaders in the water treatment industry to develop a cost efficient and Eco friendly water treatment system.

This in-line system uses a proprietary formula that reacts with the scale forming molecules transforming them into benign non-scaling particles that easily wash or brush off, thus eliminating the concern of scale build up and corrosion. Not only is it effective, it is also much more cost efficient & Eco friendly then other technologies, such as reverse osmosis and demineralization, which tend to be cost prohibitive, waste a lot of water, have a large foot print and can be caustic to metals. more



The SMARTMIST™ AC Misting System is designed to work with any size and type of air cooled system. A standard installation usually takes from 1 to 2 days and can be done by us or one of our factory trained Authorized Dealers.

All ac mister installations come complete with services such as coil pre-cleaning, maintenance program, and an optional chemical bonding, anti-corrosion coil treatment. We will also install each system in a manner consistent with your building codes & business needs. This includes pump placement, secondary thermostat & timer switching, wire & hose harnessing &/or conduit running & other services as needed.


Pilot and Test Installs

We can provide you with conclusive data & test results from customers and other 3rd party entities plus a "Better Performance & Savings Guaranteed", but if that is not enough - we can show you exactly how much you will save by installing a pilot test system. These systems are fully metered to capture the difference between actual KWh used with and without the SMARTMIST™ ac mister. This way you can determine your ROI more accurately and make an informed decision as to the benefits of SMARTMIST™ pre-cooling. Call for details.