Dry Cooling Tower Mist Pre-Cooling


Quick Facts:

  • Dramatically increases cooling capacity
  • Increases plant production
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Fast ROI (measured in days/weeks)
  • Controls to optimize performance under changing conditions

The results are so reliable that we offer the industry's first:









The SMARTMIST™ Dry Cooling Tower Pre-Cooling mist system is an effective 100% Evaporative Air Pre-Cooling system. It is a proven, easy to install, retrofit system that has been designed and engineered to take full advantage of the power of mist pre-cooling to dramatically increase the cooling efficiency of Industrial Dry Cooling Tower systems.

It uses a high pressure, 100% evaporative mist that is controlled by a series of automated and manual controls integrated into our HP Smart Pump™ mist system. This allows the pre-cooling to activate only when needed by the cooling tower. When activated, the atomized mist is released into the intake air’s sub-climate, instantly evaporating - creating a drop in air temperature of up to 40°F depending on ambient temperature & humidity.

This allows the Cooling Tower to work more efficiently so it can meet a larger cooling demand, no matter how hot it is. This provides an extremely fast ROI (measured in days & weeks - not years) because of improved production and “zero” (0) downtime.


The System

The SMARTMIST™ Dry Cooling Tower Pre-Cooling mist system consists of 2 main components:


HP Smart Pump™ & Control System:

This system consists of a series of high pressure pumps (1000 to 2000 PSI). Each series is customized to meet the cooling load required for a specific cooling tower install. This can be anywhere from a few GPM (gallons per minute) - to hundreds of GPM depending on the size of the tower, cooling demand and climate conditions of the install.

The Controls are set in series to allow for full automatic and manual control over how much mist is used, where it is used, and when it is used. This allows us to meet the various cooling demands needed under changing conditions, without the waste of water or other resources.

HP Smart Array™ High Pressure Mist Runs & Nozzles:

The HP Smart Array™ is an array of customized high pressure nylon and/or stainless steel mist runs and nozzles designed to meet your specific Dry Cooling Tower specifications and environmental conditions. Each run can include hundreds of nozzle and can be tied together through a series of manifolds to individual or multiple pumps depending on the size and amount of control that is needed. During installation they are carefully position and re-calibrated to maximize their efficiency while using the least amount of resources.


Note: Because of the “100% evaporation” techniques used for this type of pre-cooling and the actual physical properties of these types of systems, we are not usually concerned with scale or corrosion. Typically, a periodic cleaning is all that is required. In the rare case that it is a concern, we will design a custom solution for that specific location. MORE



The SMARTMIST™ Dry Cooling Tower system is designed to work with any size and type of air cooled system. A standard installation usually takes from 1 to 3 days and can be done by us or one of our factory trained Authorized Dealers.

All installations come complete with services such as pre-cleaning and a maintenance program. We will also install each system in a manner consistent with your building codes & business needs. This includes pump placement, switching options, wire & tube harnessing and other services as needed.



Other Pre-Cooling

For all other industrial & commercial mist cooling applications visit our parent company: Cloudburst® Misting Systems, Inc.


The SMARTMIST systems are a proven technology that will boost the efficiency of most air cooled systems thus significantly increasing their performance and/or lowering energy use and costs. After auditing your equipment and needs, we will provide you with a minimum performance contract that will guarantee a minimum average performance increase and/or energy savings.

If your minimum performance increase and/or energy savings is not met during the first 60 days of operation, we will promptly remove our equipment and refund 100% of your money including equipment and labor upon your request.*

*Request must be made within 90 days of initial installation. See contract for more details.

100% Evaporative Air Pre-Cooling

This is where we use high pressure (1000 PSI) pumps, the smallest water atomizing nozzles and automated controls to achieve 100% inlet air evaporation. Meaning we do not get anything wet. These systems are primarily used for pre-cooling larger Dry Cooling Towers Turbine air intakes.