Eliminating the Scale Concern f
or AC / Refrigeration Pre-Cooling


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The SMARTMIST™ AC / Refrigeration pre-cooling misting system is the most effective heat transfer pre-cooling system on the market. This is because it not only cools the air surrounding the coils - it also dampens the coil with evaporative cooled water, creating the fastest heat transfer possible. This gives us much better results then other pre-cooling systems and can be used effectively in all climates - dry or humid.

Because of this direct contact of water on the coil, our engineers & design team took the potential of scale and coil corrosion seriously. We took 2 years of intensive research to develop a reliable and affordable solution. Only after we were satisfied did we move forward with the development of the other components that make up the SMARTMIST™ pre-cooling mist systems.

Note: To date, our longest running system (4 years) located in Compton, CA has relatively hard water, yet is still scale free and saving just as much energy use as it has from day one. See video

Scaling occurs when the minerals in water (i.e. calcium carbonate) start to bond with each other & other surfaces. The minerals will continue to grow if not treated. Unfortunately, calcium carbonate is designed perfectly to bond with just about any surface. To stop scaling you have two choices: You can either eliminate the minerals through filtration (reverse osmosis) or de-mineralization, or you can change the scaling molecule so that it no longer can grab hold of itself or other surfaces, allowing it to be rinsed away with the water flow. Reverse Osmosis or de-mineralization are effective, but they can be very expensive and actually caustic to the metals you are trying to pre-cool. For this reason, we chose the second option for our AC/Refrigeration pre-cooling system.

With the help of some of the nation’s foremost experts in water treatment technology, we developed a primary water treatment package consisting of a proprietary blend of the best proven anti-corrosion and scale elimination additives. Together, we developed a primary water treatment package consisting of a proprietary blend of the best proven anti-corrosion and scale elimination additives. This bio-friendly formula not only helps prevent normal corrosion, it also combines with the molecules of the minerals that form scale to distort their geometry. This keeps the molecules from attaching to one another or other surfaces, thus preventing the formation of scale. This formula is so effective that it can actually react with old scale deposits to change their molecular structure so that over time, they too can be rinsed away.

Note: In some areas with extremely hard water and for some turbine pre-cooling systems, we use a secondary mineral reduction process.

The real challenge, though, was create a cost effective delivery system so that this formula would work in conjunction with the low volume of water used in our AC pre-coolers. This was accomplished by partnering with Dober Chemical Corp., a leader in the water treatment industry. We combined a patented slow release technology called Smart Release Technology, and a new low volume delivery system developed by SMARTMIST. This proprietary in-line system allows us to deliver the exact amount of additive into the water flow of the SMARTMIST system to efficiently prevent scale build up. It also has a built-in corrosion inhibitor to help protect the coils from other elements.

Note: In many cases your coils stay cleaner then before because of the light rinsing action of the treated water on your coils. This can rinse away salts, dust and other fine contaminants that otherwise accumulate and interfere with airflow and heat transfer.

To make sure that your coils stay scale and corrosion free, we also include a maintenance program with all of our installations. This allows us to test & refill the water treatment as needed, plus inspect the system & coils, making sure that everything is clean and working properly for you to realize your maximum savings all season long.


Dober and Smart Release Technology


Innovation often comes from applying proven technology in ways no one ever thought of before. Smart Release technology from Dober is one of those innovations.

Smart Release technology is a diffusion-based, non-hazardous solid tablet that will provide a reliable and controlled release of scale/corrosion inhibitor to cooling systems over a 30 to 90-day period.

Smart Release intelligent cooling water treatment benefits include:

Reliable chemical treatment: no feed pump failures or power outages to interrupt chemical release
Consistent chemical release: as long as system is running, water is being treated
Green Initiative: no container disposal issues, shipped as non-hazardous chemical, in recyclable cardboard packaging (lower carbon footprint), LEED certified status
Improved program safety: non-liquid chemical eliminates chemical containment; environmentally safe


For more information visit: www.dobergroup.com