Eliminating the Scale Concern - General


Quick Facts:

  • Proven systems for all conditions 
  • Patented Technology
  • Cost effective
  • Bio-friendly
  • Easy to maintain






To address the concerns about potential scaling or corrosion we first took into account the set-up and maintenance costs vs. savings, along with the specific needs and actions of each type of pre-cooling system. We then set out to find the best solution(s) for any condition. These are outlined below:

AC / Refrigeration This was the most challenging solution to engineer because of the dual action of the Evaporative Air & Direct Heat Exchange Pre-Cooling system used to maximize the savings. For our primary treatment, we use a patented water treatment system developed in conjunction with Smart Release Technology of Dober Chemical Corp. - a leader in industrial water treatment. This system uses a proprietary formula of the best bio-friendly scale & optional corrosion inhibitors, along with a patented release system that injects the exact amount of additive into the mist stream to keep the coils from scaling. This is proven effective in all but extreme hard water conditions - in which case we use a secondary mineral reduction process. MORE


Dry Cooling Towers: Because of the “100% evaporation” techniques used for this type of pre-cooling and the actual physical properties of these types of systems, we are not usually concerned with scale or corrosion. Typically, a periodic cleaning is all that is required. In the rare case that scale is a concern, we will design a custom solution for that specific location.


Turbines: Here we use a combination of "100% evaporation", water treatment and mineral reduction as needed for the specifics of each install.


Note: Before each install, we will test the water and survey the system in order to structure the most cost effective anti-scale and corrosion system that will work to keep the equipment running at peak performance.